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Manufacturer SONY


The Sony VENICE is a full frame cinema camera, with a newly developed sensor capable of capturing 15+ stops of latitude. The 6K full frame camera allows it to shoot almost any format or aspect ratio for 4K production.


  • Full Frame 36x24mm 6K single sensor (Including FF, Anamorphic and High Speed licenses)
  • Aspect ratio agnostic (3:2 FF, 17:9 FF, 1.85:1 FF, 16:9 FF, 2.39:1 FF, 6:5 4perf, 4:3 4perf, 17:9 S35 and 16:9 S35) Suitable for spherical and anamorphic lenses.
  • Smallest recording option (16:9 S35) still uses 3.8K UHD photosites
  • PL Mount
  • E Mount
  • EF Mount (With a Metabones adaptor)
  • SxS Pro+ for internal recording (4K XAVC, HD ProRes, HD Mpeg)
  • 8 stops of colour neutral internal NDs in 1 stop increments (0.3-2.4ND)
  • Dual base ISO (500, 2500)
  • Load in User 3D LUTs
  • LPL Mount (Gecko Cam) available as an additional hire



  • 4K C480 – up to 30FPS
  • 4K C300 – up to 60FPS
  • 6K C300 -up to 30FPS

X-OCN 16bit RAW LT ST XT (It requires the AXS-R7 RAW Recorder)


  • 3.8K 16:9 -up to 60FPS
  • 4K 17:9 -up to 110FPS
  • 4K 2.29:1 -up to 120FPS


  • 4K 4:3 -up to 75FPS
  • 4K 6:5 -up to 30FPS


  • 5.7K 16:9 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 17:9 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 2.39:1 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 3:2 -up to 60FPS

Hire a Sony VENICE from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Sony VENICE (Firmware V5)
  • 1x OLED EVF
  • 2x VF Cables
  • 1x Vocas Universal Shoulder Plate
  • 1x VCT-14 Baseplate
  • 1x BP8 19mm Bridge Plate
  • 1x Dovetail
  • 2x Long 19mm Rails
  • 2x Short 19mm Rails
  • 2x Long 15mm Rails
  • 2x Short 15mm Rails
  • 1x Wooden Camera VF Extender
  • 1x Wooden Camera D-Box power distribution plate
  • 1x Ronford Moose Bars
  • 3x 256Gb SxS Pro+ Cards
  • 1x SxS USB 3.0 Card Reader
  • 6x IDX 150 Duo Batteries
  • 1x IDX 4way Charger
  • 2x X-Boxx Block Batteries
  • 1x X-Boxx Charger
  • Metabones E > EF MkIV Adaptor (Optional)
  • Gecko Cam LPL Mount (optional extra)

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