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Green Policy

Shift 4 is constantly seeking new ways to ensure our products and services are as clean and energy efficient as possible. The company is aware of the good work the Albert Consortium do, promoting use of Albert Sustainable production tools. The company is looking to become Albert Certified so that it can share best practices and ensure we supply greener equipment and services.

Shift 4 has already banned the use of single use plastics in our day to day working environment. All staff are issued with re-usable water bottles and coffee cups. Where once we bagged cables and accessories in plastic we now use eco friendly alternatives, details below. We constantly discuss the unnecessary use of plastics with our suppliers and cross hire suppliers. Our staff have attended and contributed to industry wide meetings as to how we can improve our ecological standing, not just with regard to plastics.

There are a number of ways that we have reduced our CO2 emissions in terms of our vehicle fleet, and crew transport, many of which could also be implemented on productions. These would include using low emission Euro 6 compliant crew vehicles when on location, and carbon neutral courier services wherever possible. Shift 4 is in the process of converting its fleet to electric vehicles. This is not simply a cost saving exercise, but one which helps to significantly reduce our emissions. Also, in terms of getting to and from the production office or location, encourage crew / production staff to vehicle share when practical. Finally, regarding crews, when possible try to source local crews, or crew share, to significantly reduce the need for travel.

Shift 4 actively promote energy efficient LED lighting technology, and have sought to replace as many of our bulb / tube lights with these as possible. As this technology has increased in popularity over the last few years our ratio of LED lighting compared to bulb / tube lighting has risen dramatically to reflect this shift. We continue to promote this LED lighting to clients, suppliers and employees alike.

We constantly work closely with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance. This can work in a number of ways, including reducing the need for multiple deliveries / collections, limiting the amount of packaging and waste when purchasing products and parts, and continually sourcing energy efficient products and technologies. We also use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 emissions and help the community.

We have overseen a 100% switch from Ni-Cad to new recyclable Lithium Ion camera battery systems, to help reduce our waste and enable us to recycle our batteries which have reached the end of their life-cycle via the appropriate channels. Also, we encourage crew to power down all equipment when not in use. This is a very simple practice, but one which hopefully becomes second nature and has huge energy saving benefits.

Shift 4 now emails all invoices to clients thus reducing the need for postage therefore making the company more CO2 efficient.

Shift 4 have various systems in place to continually monitor the energy rating and efficiency of the equipment that we supply. Firstly, all rechargeable batteries are run through a monthly test cycle to evaluate and maintain the energy efficiency of each cell. All results are recorded and monitored for instant reference. Secondly, all electrical equipment is inspected and PAT tested at 1 year intervals to assess electrical safety and energy efficiency. Again, all results are monitored and recorded.

Shift 4 use Opus Energy for gas and electricity who supply power from renewable sources.

The vast majority of cameras that we now purchase have a longer shelf life than ever before, as they all have the option for the firmware to be upgraded periodically, thus keeping them relevant for longer. Also, the switch to tapeless technology has meant no more moving parts, making the cameras far more energy efficient, and subsequently less likely to fail. In addition to this, tapeless camera technology has not only made the cameras more energy efficient, it has greatly reduced wastage & production in terms of tape stock that could only be used once. The average memory card has approx. 10,000 cycles before it would need to be replaced.

Shift 4 uses various measures to ensure that all equipment, packaging and components are safely disposed of, and / or recycled, in accordance with the relevant regulations and legislation, including all electrical equipment being collected and disposed of according to WEEE and RoHS regulations. Also, upon purchase of replacement items the old item is handed back to the retailer, as well as all lighting bulbs and tubes disposed of according to regulations. All equipment purchased and distributed conforms to the relevant legislation.

All disposable batteries are appropriately disposed of at local council sites, and all equipment packaging is either recycled, or disposed of according to regulations. That said, our use of disposable batteries in very minimal and continually reducing as technology advances.

We constantly strive to reduce CO2 emissions from Shift 4’s HQ building, and technologies used within it. This is achieved in various ways. Firstly we combine as many deliveries and collections as possible into each vehicle’s schedule, so as to reduce CO2 emissions – this is undertaken stringently at Shift 4. Whilst acknowledging this we always try to reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only, and also promote the use of travel alternatives such as email or video / phone conferencing.

Shift 4 makes additional efforts to accommodate our employees and clients using public transport and / or bicycles, as well as implementing the government backed ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’.

Shift 4 involve new, and current, staff members in the implementation of the Company’s environmental policy, which encourages greater commitment and improved performance. New recruits are introduced to the Company’s policies and ethics as part of their induction process, so that they are aware of what the Company expects of them in these areas. All staff members are provided with relevant environmental training throughout their time at Shift 4.

We strive to make our working environment as energy efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. Below demonstrates a number of ways we operate our technical / Kitroom practices to further improve our operation.

  1. Shift 4 has banned the use of single use plastic in its day to day operations.
  2. 100% of all office paper and ink are from refilled / recycled sources.
  3. Used ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for reuse and refilling.
  4. We use recyclable paper ties for equipment packaging.
  5. Filters sent out in recyclable paper envelopes.
  6. Paper bags are used for all small consumables, cards, croc clips and gels where necessary, switched from the use of plastic.
  7. Switch to Poly Boards made from recycled material.
  8. E-Delivery Notes, that are emailed over to clients, avoiding paper waste.
  9. We use Shred Station – a CarbonNeutral® certified Shredding company where all the material shredded is recycled in UK recycling mills.
  10. Virtually zero light pollution during office closing times.
  11. 95% computer systems shut-down during office closure.
  12. Reduction of paper consumption by investment in IT based bookings and documentation.
  13. Installation of electrical supply monitor to aid reduction in usage.
  14. Low consumption computer screens and energy saving mode equipment.
  15. Over 60% of current company employees cycle to work, the majority having purchased their bike through the company’s ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’.
  16. Design specification of new purpose built unit includes energy saving insulation, careful light planning and Dyson Blades to cut paper towel usage.
  17. Shift 4 uses recycle bins for all relevant materials – Disposed of at renewable council sites.
  18. Continued use of air compressions guns around the kitroom to avoid the single use of canned air.

Shift 4 sources all of its new technology purchases either from manufacturer approved, reputable, equipment resellers such as CVP, or directly from the manufacturer themselves. We have a very good working relationship with all of our equipment suppliers, not only in terms of supply, but also continuing technical and maintenance support. Because of these relationships there is absolutely no benefit for us, or reason to come into contact with equipment that is distributed through channels which are unofficial, unauthorised, or unintended by the original manufacturer. As a result of this we have more control over the supply chain, ensuring we are doing all we can to reduce our environmental impact and lower consumption.



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