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Sony VENICE with Rialto Extension System

Sony VENICE with Rialto Extension System

Manufacturer SONY


Combining the Sony VENICE with the Extension System allows you to separate the sensor and lens mount from the main body via a tethered cable up to 5.5m in length. This compact and lightweight block is great for specialist rigs, such as gimbals and car mounts without any loss in quality over the standard all-in-one setup.


  • Full Frame 36x24mm 6K single sensor (Including FF, Anamorphic and High Speed licenses)
  • Aspect ratio agnostic (3:2 FF, 17:9 FF, 1.85:1 FF, 16:9 FF, 2.39:1 FF, 6:5 4perf, 4:3 4perf, 17:9 S35 and 16:9 S35) Suitable for spherical and anamorphic lenses.
  • Smallest recording option (16:9 S35) still uses 3.8K UHD photosites
  • PL Mount
  • E Mount
  • EF Mount (With a Metabones adaptor)
  • SxS Pro+ for internal recording (4K XAVC, HD ProRes, HD Mpeg)
  • 8 stops of colour neutral internal NDs in 1 stop increments (0.3-2.4ND)
  • Dual base ISO (500, 2500)
  • Load in User 3D LUTs
  • Removable sensor and lens mount block
  • Tethered cable length up to 5.5m
  • HD-SDI output for monitoring off the block
  • 3-pin RS power output for powering monitors and lens motors
  • Multiple screw points for flexible mounting



  • 4K C480 – up to 30FPS
  • 4K C300 – up to 60FPS
  • 6K C300 -up to 30FPS

X-OCN 16bit RAW LT ST XT (It requires the AXS-R7 RAW Recorder)


  • 3.8K 16:9 -up to 60FPS
  • 4K 17:9 -up to 110FPS
  • 4K 2.29:1 -up to 120FPS


  • 4K 4:3 -up to 75FPS
  • 4K 6:5 -up to 30FPS


  • 5.7K 16:9 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 17:9 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 2.39:1 -up to 30FPS
  • 6K 3:2 -up to 60FPS


Unparalleled flexibility with uncompromised image quality:

The VENICE Extension System (CBK-3610XS) enables cabled separation of the VENICE camera body and image sensor block by up to 5.5m with no degradation in image quality.

The Extension System also has an HD-SDI output and a 24V output for powering accessories such as lens servo motors and monitoring. Multiple screw holes on all surfaces make it easy to affix additional accessories and fit with a wide variety of rigs. The Extension System is fully compatible with all existing and future VENICE cameras upgraded to V3 or higher firmware.

Enhanced mobility and maneuverability:

Separation of the camera body and image sensor block by up to 5.5m enables exceptional flexibility when filming with gimbals, handheld, in helicopter/underwater housings, with custom rigs such as for 3D/VR contents and shooting scenes in confined spaces such as vehicles. The separated image block is just 1.9 kg (4lb) with PL mount and 1.4kg (3lb) with E-mount for the utmost shooting flexibility.

Uncompromised image quality:

When shooting with CBK-3610XS there’s no degradation in image quality. Whether shooting with a standard 2.7m separation or using the extension cable for a maximum 5.5m separation, you can be sure the image quality is the same as shooting with VENICE in standard configuration.

CBK-3610XS preserves full use of the advanced features VENICE offers such as its built-in 8-step glass ND filter system, Dual Base ISO and more.

Extension System

  • 1.9 kg (4lb) (with PL mount) 1.4kg (3lb) (with E-mount)

Hire a Sony VENICE with Rialto Extension System from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x Sony VENICE (Firmware V5)
  • 1 x OLED EVF
  • 2 x VF Cables
  • 1 x Vocas Universal Shoulder Plate
  • 1 x VCT-14 Baseplate
  • 1 x BP8 19mm Bridge Plate
  • 1 x Dovetail
  • 2 x Long 19mm Rails
  • 2 x Short 19mm Rails
  • 2 x Long 15mm Rails
  • 2 x Short 15mm Rails
  • 1 x Wooden Camera VF Extender
  • 1 x Wooden Camera D-Box power distribution plate
  • 1 x Ronford Moose Bars
  • 3 x 256Gb SxS Pro+ Cards
  • 1 x SxS USB 3.0 Card Reader
  • 6 x IDX 150 Duo Batteries
  • 1 x IDX 4way Charger
  • 2 x X-Boxx Block Batteries
  • 1 x X-Boxx Charger
  • 1x VENICE Extension System with 2.7m tether cable
  • 1x 2.7m extension tether cable
  • 1x Metabones E > EF MkIV Adaptor (Optional)

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