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David Scott

Role: DOP/Camera Operator


Director of Photography

  • Studied – University College, London – Law
  • Trained – London International Film School in Camera 16/35mm and Lighting
  • Graduated – Cinematography
  • Languages – French and Italian
  • Union – member of BECTU
  • Security – BBC Security Course – cleared for countries with Level 2 risk
  • Articles – In Camera (Kodak) Winter ’94

Awards –

  • Grand Prix-Rimini Film Festival, “Testament” – Dir. John Akomfrah
  • Prix Europa, “A Small Dance” – Dir. Alan Horrox
  • International Emmy, “Concerto” – Dir. Barbra Sweete
  • Berlin – Blue Angel Award, “Giudice Ragazzino” – Dir. Alessandro di Robilant
  • Emmy, “Baby It’s You” – Dir. Leanne Klein/David Hickman
  • Silver Hugo-Chicago Int. Film Festival, “Donald Cammell” – Dir. Kevin Macdonald/Chris Rodley


Wide experience in shooting commercials, features for cinema and TV and drama documentaries and documentaries for TV.

Works with a wide range of production companies for all the major broadcasters.

Features and shorts such as “Touch and Go” directed by Carine Adler with Hugh Grant, award winning Italian feature “Giudice Ragazzino” directed by Alessandro di Robilant and award winning short “The Vacuum” directed by Tim Rolt starring Simon McBirney.

Music/dance and arts specialist such as “Donald Cammell” feature documentary co-directed by Chris Rodley and Kevin Macdonald, Emmy winning series “Concerto” directed by Niv Fichman with Dudley Moore, Michael Tilson Thomas, James Galway and “Omnibus-Antony Gormley” directed by Adrian Sibley.

Directors such as:
Alessandro di Robilant, Jon Sanders, Carine Adler, Alan Horrox, John Akomfrah, Pawel Pawlikowski, Emily Young, Brian Dunnigan – features/shorts
Tim Rolt, Chris Dada, David Anderson – commercials
Kevin Macdonald, Chris Rodley, Margaret Williams, Andrew Chater, Paul Burgess, Marc Munden, Leanne Klein, Isaac Julien, John Paul Davidson, Renny Bartlett – documentary

Actors such as:
Anthony Head, Franco Nero, Hugh Grant, Cathy Tyson, Simon Callow, Dirk Bogarde, Emily Blunt, Natalie Press, Angela Molina, Dudley Moore, Sabrina Ferilli, Patrick Bauchau, Simon McBirney, Giulio Scarpati, James Hazeldine, Kate Hardie, Emily Woof.


Cinema Features –

“Mauro”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant
Mauro is 30 something with two degrees, an ex-girlfriend, no job and living at home with his parents. Set in small town Sicily this social comedy is a biting indictment of contemporary Italian society.
RED ONE, Digital Cinema Feature

“Back to the Garden”, UK, Jon Sanders
A group of old friends meet for the weekend at the cottage in Kent of one of their number who died a year before. With his widow they celebrate his life and bury his ashes in the garden.
Sony F3, Digital Cinema Feature

“MarPiccolo”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, RAI Cinema/Overlook
Tiziano is a 17 year old kid who is involved with the local gang ‘boss’ selling drugs. He sees his chance to escape from the suffocating life that lies ahead. Set and filmed in Taranto, Puglia.
Rome Film Festival, Italian Cinema Festival London
Super 16mm blown up to 35mm, Cinema Feature

“L’Uomo della Carita”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, IIF/Mediaset
Life story of Luigi di Liegro. Priest who devoted his life to helping the poor and downtrodden people of Rome. From 1950s to 1990s. Filmed in Bulgaria and Italy.
Rome Film Festival
Super 16mm, Cinema Feature

“My Summer of Love”, UK Pawel Pawlikowski, Summer Love
Additional Photography: Two teenage girls meet and fall in love one summer. Starring Emily Blunt and Nathalie Press
Super16mm, Cinema Feature

“Kiss of Life”, UK, Emily Young, Wild Horses
Additional Photography: Young family grieving and coming to terms with the death of the mother.
35mm, Cinema Feature

“I Fetentoni”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, Lantia
Black comedy about bribery and corruption in local politics. Set and filmed in Reggio Calabria.
35mm, Cinema Feature

“Il Giudice Ragazzino”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, Trio/RAI
Based on the true-life story of Judge Rosario Livatino murdered by the Mafia in September 1990. The last two years of his life leading up to his assassination. Filmed in and around Agrigento, Sicily.
Berlin Film Festival – Winner Blue Angel Award
35mm, Cinema Feature

“Il Nodo Alla Cravatta” Italy Alessandro di Robilant RAI 1
Shot on locations in and around Rome. Carlino is the 12 year old son of an aristocratic family. He is sent to boarding school in an attempt to control his rebellious spirit but he runs away. Starring Patrick Bauchau and Sergio Orzesco as Carlino.
Locarno Film Festival
35mm, Cinema Feature

“Testament”, UK, John Akomfrah, Black Audio Film Collective / Channel 4
Abena, a Ghanaian woman returns to Ghana after twenty years. With a British film crew she sets out to make a film about the German director Werner Herzog who is shooting his film, “Cobra Verde” in Ghana. In her search for the elusive Herzog, she retraces her own past and her country’s history.
Cannes-Semaine de la Critique. Rimini-Grand Prix winner.
16mm blown up to 35mm, Cinema Feature

“Solo Per Amore”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, Matthews Coop
Shot on locations in Milan and in the studio at Cinecitta, Rome. Three punkish drifters in a comic book style gangster story. A comedy, thriller, love story.
Taormina Film Festival
35mm, Cinema Feature

TV Features –

“La Voce del Sangue”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, Tangram/RAI
A young law student in Rome discovers that he was adopted as a baby and sets off to Calabria to discover the truth about his natural parents and is soon embroiled in family feuds, hostage taking, Calabrian Mafia and finds his father was a Mafia boss.
Super 16mm, TV Feature, 2 x 90min

“Vite Blindate”, Italy, Alessandro di Robilant, Red/RAI
One Sunday after church a young mother and her two children are snatched by police from their home in Sicily and whisked to the north of Italy to a new life in the protection programme with the father, a Mafia ‘pentito’.
Super 16mm, TV Feature.

“A Small Dance”, UK, Alan Horrox, Thames TV
Written by Lucy Gannon. Starring James Hazeldine, Linda Bassett and Kate Hardie as Donna, a 16 year old who gets pregnant and is too scared to tell anyone. She keeps the secret and gives birth alone in a barn in the middle of the night. Shot in the Fens around Wisbech.
Winner – Prix Europa London Film Festival
16mm, TV Feature

“Turbulence”, UK, Adam Kossoff, Channel 4
Television feature for Channel 4 with Cathy Tyson and Kelly Marcel. Psychological drama about a sixteen year-old girl who has suffered a history of sexual abuse from her father.
London Film Festival San Remo Film Festival
16mm, TV Feature

Drama Documentaries –

“Black Ops”, Talya Tibbon, WMR/Discovery Military
‘Entebbe’ Israeli special forces mount audacious raid to rescue Jewish hostages held after airline hijack. ‘Bin Laden’ US Seals raid the compound in Pakistan and assassinate the head of Al Qaeda.
HD/Canon C300

“Revealed – The Great Olympic Drug Scandal”, Alison Rooper, Brook Lapping
East German state run doping programme for Olympic athletes which led to them dominating in the 70s and 80s. Drama reconstructions filmed in East Berlin.

“Alive – Escape From Avalanche Alley”, Renny Bartlett, Channel 4/Discovery
2 climbers in Alaska survive a week of blizzards, avalanches, crevasses, freezing temperatures and starvation before finally being rescued. Filmed in the Alps at Chamonix/Mont Blanc.

“Catherine the Great”, Paul Burgess/JP Davidson, Brook Lapping / BBC
2 hour drama doc. Starring Emily Brunni as Catherine. Her life from arriving in Russia aged 14 to her death. Filmed in Romania.

“Demons”, Renny Bartlett, October/Discovery
Demonic posession from 16thC. France to contemporary London, including the chief exorcist of the Vatican in Rome. Presented by Anthony Head. Documentary with dramatic reconstructions.

“The Man Who Killed Christ”, Andrew Chater, October Films/Channel 4
Documentary with drama re-constructions, filmed in Morocco and Israel. Pontius Pilate, the arrest and trial of Jesus.

“Second by Second”, Paul Burgess, Darlow/Nat Geo
Documentary detailing the countdown to disaster where Amtrak passenger train derailed into the bayou in fog at night killing 47. Shot in Alabama.

“We Built This City – London, Paris, New York”, Paul Burgess/Jeremy Llewellyn Jones/Alex Marengo, Darlow/Discovery
Joint DOP. Three part series showing the engineering feats achieved in the development of these three great cities. Documentary with dramatic re-constructions.

Cinema Shorts –

“Smile Baby Smile”, G.D. Jayalakshmi, Unital
Sandy, an unmarried teenager with a new born baby, lives at home with her mother. She meets an older man at the pub who is looking for a one night stand but he turns out to be her father.

“Dickens in London”, Chris Newby, Dan Films
As a young boy Charles Dickens arrives in London and is swept up in the chaos and skulduggery of the Victorian city.
Canon DSLR

“Going Going”, Margaret Williams, BFI
Performed by Emily Woof, a young woman awakes in the middle of the night and moves through the house talking to the ghost of her mother. Atmospheric drama of light and dark, presence and loss.
New Directors, Super 16mm, Short

“Shark”, Brian Dunnigan, BFI/Channel 4
Mick, a young ex-boxer, is on his first day of a new career – assisting Feeny collecting debts for a loan shark, amongst the tower blocks of a peripheral estate in Glasgow. He is left to handle the second call of the day on his own.
35mm, Short

“Tales From The Underground”, Tim Rolt, MTV/REM
The camera tracks steadily down the carriage of an underground train. We see a cast of characters and events – the train travels on through day and night, on land and air.
35mm short – motion control

“Traffic Island”, Tim Rolt, BFI/REM
Short film in the New Directors series. Ronnie and Elsie and three friends and a large dog set off on holiday in their ancient Morris Minor heading for Frinton. Somewhere near Hemel Hempstead they become marooned on a Traffic Island!
16mm to 35mm

“Ebb Tide”, Teresa Grimes, Molitor
Scripted by Tony Grisoni. Milly aged 7, lives with her mother. One day Milly finds the key to the attic and discovers a large wardrobe full of men clothes. She steps inside the wardrobe to investigate.
London Film Festival
Super16mm to 35mm

“The Vacuum”, Tim Rolt, R.E.M./Channel 4
A man is swallowed by his vacuum cleaner! His flatmates await developments. Starring Simon McBirney of Theatre de Complicite.
Hiroshima Film Festival – Special Jury Prize
16mm, Short

“Touch and Go”, Carine Adler, Richter Films
Short film set in Oxford in 1967 about young girls at a finishing/secretarial college and their first experiences with boys and love. Stars Tara McGowran and featuring Hugh Grant.
16mm, Short


“Baby It’s You”, Leanne Klein/David Hickman, Wall To Wall/Channel 4
Joint DOP. Six part documentary series covering the development of human babies from birth to age three.
Emmy Award, Super 16mm

Arts/Performance – Music, Dance –

“Blind Light – Hayward Gallery” David Scott, Antony Gormley Studio
Film of the retrospective of Antony Gormley’s work at the Hayward Gallery including his installation on the roof tops of central London ‘Event Horizon’.

“Omnibus – Antony Gormley The Naked Sculptor”, Adrian Sibley, BBC
In this profile of the renowned sculptor, Antony Gormley explains the processes through which he creates his art. He also explores the emotions and impulses behind his desire to use his own body as the starting point for his work. Family, friends and fellow artists provide insights into Gormley’s personality and ask how his sculptures will be perceived in years to come.

“Ultimate Performance – Donald Cammell”, Kevin Macdonald, Chris Rodley, Figment
Feature documentary about life and work of the co-director of the film “Performance”.
Chicago Film Festival – Winner-Silver Hugo, Toronto Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival.
Super 16mm to 35mm

“Concerto”, Barbra Sweete/N Fichman/L Weinstein, Initial/Channel 4
Classical music series featuring Dudley Moore, Michael Tilson Thomas, LSO and various soloists including James Galway, Marisa Robles, Steven Isserlis. Head Cameraman on documentary element.
International Emmy Award
Super 16mm


“Sun Bingo” – Tim Rolt – Producer: New Moon

“Eurostar – St Pancras” – Tim Rolt – Producer: New Moon

“Hasbro-Queasy Bake” – Tim Rolt – Producer: Mustard

“Hasbro-Sit n Spin” – Tim Rolt – Producer: Mustard

“Pokemon” series of 6 – Tim Rolt Agency: Greys – Producer: Mustard

“IKEA – Bill and Betty” – Chris Dada – Producer: The Directory

“Virgin-Darkened Room” – Chris Dada – Producer: The Directory

“Kleenex” – Tim Rolt – Agency: Foote, Cone, Belding – Producer: The Directory

“Eurostar” – 2nd unit – David Anderson – Producer: Pink

“Mr Muscle” – Tim Rolt – Agency: Foote, Cone, Belding – Producer: The Directory

“Meier’s Farm Eggs” series of 3 – Tim Rolt – Producer: The Directory

“Jif Lemon” – Tim Rolt – Agency: JWT – Producer: The Directory

“W.H. Smith” series of 30 commercials – Tim Rolt – Agency: Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty – Producer: The Directory

“Mark” drink/drive campaign – David Anderson – Producer: Pink

“Sugar” girls magazine – Tim Rolt – Producer: The Directory

“Littlewoods Lottery” series of three – Tim Rolt – Producer: The Directory

“Radio Rentals” series of five – Tim Rolt – Producer: The Directory

“Wickes” series of six commercials – Tim Rolt – Producer: The Directory

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