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ARRI Orbiter

ARRI Orbiter

Manufacturer ARRI


This incredibly powerful RGB LED head has the ability to change fixtures such as open face, spotlight, softbox, and lantern to adapt to the need of the set. With the open face attachment, the Orbiter has the equivalent output of a 1.2kw HMI and it offers the same colour modes and effects as the Skypanel line.


  • Variable white balance LED (2000K – 20,000K)
  • Dial-in any colour, including light sensor to perfectly match lighting environment
  • 500w max draw
  • 1.2kw HMI equivalent output
  • Interchangable fixtures
  • Open face 30 and 60 Degrees
  • Softbox L and S
  • Octa 4 dome
  • Lantern dome L
  • Various light effects including: lighting, police lights, paparazzi flash, etc.
  • Mains Powered

When you hire an ARRI Orbiter you will be getting an ultra-bright, tunable, and directional LED fixture with changeable optics, which is the core innovation in Orbiter. With a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter transforms into the perfect light for your application without sacrificing beam, output, or color quality. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be connected to the fixture.

Features of the ARRI Orbiter

Open Face

The open face optics produce a high-output, directional beam of light in several different beam angles including 15º, 30º, and 60º. Perfect for throwing light long distances or providing a broad swath of light.

Six-Color Light Engine

Including a red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LED, the ARRI Spectra six-color light engine translates into a wider color gamut, more accurate colors, and most importantly, higher color rendition across the entire CCT range.

Wide Gamut

Hues are precisely reproduced and the increased gamut allows for 15% more color possibilities when compared to previous ARRI light engines.

Ultra-High Color Rendering

Orbiter has a larger CCT range of 2,000 to 20,000 K with ultra-high color rendition across all color temperatures. Skin tones look amazing and natural.

Compact Light Engine

Cutting-edge LEDs that have never been used before in a luminaire and their arrangement creates a homogeneous color beam field with amazing brightness.

Color Sensor Mode

The new Color Sensor Mode in Orbiter will read the ambient color surrounding the fixture and reproduce the color with great accuracy.


Using a combination of three dimming techniques, Orbiter’s cutting-edge electronics provide smooth dimming down to zero without color changes or jumps.


Orbiter includes a lightweight internal power supply and a 3-pin XLR battery input for 48 V ⎓ batteries.


Orbiter’s housing is weatherproof. To ensure no defects, Orbiter’s ports (such as power, or XLR (for DMX)) require additional protection. The rain cover is mandatory when the Orbiter is tilted at a horizontal angle or facing downward, and recommended from 0° to 75° upwards.

Powerful Software

Orbiter’s new software called LiOS (Lighting Operating System) includes all the innovative and groundbreaking features from SkyPanel plus others, making Orbiter one of the most fully‑featured luminaires on the market.

8 Color Modes

LiOS’ eight-color modes are available including CCT, HSI, individual color, x/y coordinates, gel, source matching, lighting effects, and the new color sensor mode which measures ambient light and recreates it through Orbiter’s output.


Over 240 favorite colors or lighting effects can be stored in Orbiter. These favorites can be easily selected via an easy to use interface or via DMX.

Operational Modes

Orbiter offers three operational modes to optimize the fixture’s performance for different applications. High color rendering mode provides the best color quality possible, high output mode generates the best brightness with slightly lower color rendition, while low noise mode creates a balance for quiet operation with decent output.

For more information on the Orbiter please visit ARRI Website


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Hire an ARRI Orbiter from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x ARRI Oribter head
  • 1x Proctective cover
  • 1x Detachable yoke
  • 1x Removable control panel
  • 1x Mains power lead
  • 1x 13a extension lead
  • 1x Open face 30 degree attachment
  • 1x Open face 60 degree attachment
  • 1x DoP Choice snapbag L (optional extra)
  • 1x DoP Choice snapbag S (optional extra)
  • 1x DoP Choice snapbag Octa 4 (optional extra)
  • 1x Chimera lantern dome L (optional extra)

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