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What can the C300 Mark II do that the C300 Mark I can’t?


With Canon’s new C300 Mark II now available for hire, the question is why choose it over the older C300 Mark I? Especially considering it’s more expensive hire charge and the fact that it uses more pricey CFast 2.0 cards (and not standard CF).

But, if you want to be impressed, here’s what the camera is capable of that the Mark I isn’t:

  • It’s new sensor has 15 stops of latitude compared to the 12 stops of the Mark I
  • The new C-Log2 curve gives more information for grading
  • It’s capable of shooting 4K, UHD, 2K and HD internally
  • The new XF-AVC codec can shoot the following:
    • 422 Long GoP 50Mbps 10bit (in 2K and HD)
    • 422 Intra 410/160Mbps 10bit (in 4K, UHD, 2K, and HD)
    • 444 Intra 210Mbps 10bit (in 2K and HD)
    • 444 Intra 225Mbps 12bit (in 2K and HD)
  • It capable of RAW output from 1 BNC to record RAW to an appropriate recorder
  • It can also record up to 100 frames per second in PAL in HD or 2K whereas the Mark I can only record 50 frames at 720p
  • It has semi and fully automatic focus with new EF lenses including face detection – handy in some scenarios
  • It also has a new, higher res LCD and a higher res OLED viewfinder

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

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