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CV tips from Media Parents’ CV Surgery, sponsored by Shift 4

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

It was ding after dong at Media Parents’ 1st October CV Surgery, as time was repeatedly called on freelancers’ 5 minute appointments with production company representatives.

The bar at Envy’s Foley Street facility was buzzing with over 70 Media Parents talent and 6 selected Talent Managers and HOPs. 5 minutes with each was on offer, and freelancers grabbed the chance to talk through their CVs and soak up advice and guidance before the dinger sounded. Meanwhile networking and socialising presented opportunities to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

Shift 4 was delighted to sponsor the event, to support  freelancers and the work of Media Parents.

Photographs are courtesy of Hannah Smiles.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Deborah Lane, Open 4 Channels Specialist, Channel 4

Here’s some top CV tips from the evening:

  • Media Parents Director Amy Walker suggests titling your CV with your full name and job title, and including this in the subject line of any speculative CVs you send out too.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Amy Walker, Director, Media Parents

  • Keep it concise. Endemol’s Production Recruitment Manager Chloe Samwell-Smith prefers CVs to be two sheets long and no more. Even better, just one.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Chloe Samwell-Smith, Production Recruitment Manager, Endemol UK

  • Include a mission statement. Nicky Searle, Head of Talent at Dragonfly, likes to be able to get a snappy idea of what an applicant is all about  and what work they are looking for.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Nicky Searle, Head of Talent, Dragonfly Film & TV

  • Know who you’re contacting. Nicky encourages research into the company you plan to send to, allowing you to tailor your CV accordingly. Although not too much – not everything you have done needs to fit.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

  • Keep it recent. Dragonfly’s Head of Production Yvonne Bainton suggests including only relevant jobs on your CV – so, for example, excluding researcher positions from years ago if you’re apply for a PD role. Don’t list everything from the very start of your career.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Yvonne Bainton, Head of Production, Dragonfly Film & TV

  • Be honest. Jane Manning, Head of Production at October Films, hates to see an apologetic CV. If you’ve had a gap between jobs, that’s fine.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Jane Manning, Head of Production, October Films

  • Have a snappy intro. Jane likes short covering letters/emails which give a summary of your experience and the direction you want to go in.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

  • Don’t include images. DCD Media’s Director of Production Elaine Day doesn’t like it when CVs that contain large photographs or logos clog up her inbox.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Elaine Day, Director of Production, DCD Media

  • Include something different. In general, there was agreement that it’s advisable to include some extra info about yourself to set you apart from other applicants, the more outside the box the better and not necessarily TV related. So if you’ve climbed Kilimanjaro or are a champion chess player, get it down.

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Alex Thompson, MD, Shift 4

© Hannah Smiles | smilesimages.com

Amy Swan, Marketing and Business Development, Shift 4

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Monday, October 14th, 2013

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