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Teradek Bolt Pro 500

Teradek Bolt Pro 500

Manufacturer Teradek


The Teradek Bolt Pro 500 is a compact and lightweight HD wireless TX and RX units that transmits a full HD, HD-SDI or HDMI signal over WiFi.


  • Wireless TX/RX
  • Takes either HD-SDI or HDMI signal
  • Built-in signal converter can translate HD-SDI into HDMI and vice versa
  • WiFi
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Up to 500ft range
  • TX has HD-SDI loop through that preserves metadata such as record flags
  • RX supports user LUTs
  • TX can transmit up to 4 paired RX at the same time

Hire a Teradek Bolt Pro 500 from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x Teradek Bolt Pro 500 TX unit
  • 1 x Teradek Bolt Pro 500 RX unit
  • 1 x Teradek mains unit
  • 3 x D-Tap to 2-pin Lemo power leads
  • 4 x short BNC leads
  • 1 x mounting screw
  • Dual lock / velcro
  • Extra Teradek Bolt Pro 500 RX units (optional)
  • HDMI leads (on request)

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