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Lomo 2x Anamorphic Prime Set

Lomo 2x Anamorphic Prime Set

Manufacturer Lomo


This Lomo set, originating from Russia in the early 1980s, has been put together from hand picked Lomo optics to ensure the highest possible quality, setting them apart from other Lomo sets out there. They’re consistent in colour and character, all providing the magic that classic anamorphics are known and loved for. The images are pleasantly soft in their rendering of detail and beautifully distort the background with plenty of focus roll off at the edges of frame.  The Lomo’s lens flares are warm, iris style patterns with the classic anamorphic horizontal kick. In addition to this set, we can offer an extremely rare ultra wide 22mm square front anamorphic. One of only a hand full on the planet. Uncommonly wide for anamorphic glass, but providing very subtle barrel distortion and unique deep red lens flares.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
22mmT3.5107cm | 3'6"-TBC
35mmT2.5107cm | 3'6"114mmTBC
50mmT2.5107cm | 3'6"114mmTBC
75mmT2.5107cm | 3'6"114mmTBC
100mmT3.4107cm | 3'6"114mmTBC


  • PL Mount
  • S35 (4 perf) coverage
  • Original housing
  • Vintage glass - hand picked original Lomo optical blocks
  • Low contrast, flarey, soft focus, oval bokeh
  • 22 and 35mm Square front
  • 50, 75 and 100mm Round front

Hire a Lomo 2x Anamorphic Prime Set from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 22mm T3.5 (OPTIONAL EXTRA )
  • 35mm T2.5
  • 50mm T2.5
  • 75mm T2.5
  • 100mm T3.4

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