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KOWA R FF Primes

KOWA R FF Primes

Manufacturer Ancient Optics


These vintage Ancient Optics Kowa full frame lenses have been rehoused by TLS from Kowa R stills photography lenses from the 60-70's era. They offer sharp, low contrast images with stunning flares. They are small and light weight with consistent, fully manual modern housing from TLS.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
19mmT4.130cm | 12"110mm1 Kg
28mmT3.622cm | 9"110mm0.9 Kg
35mmT2.927cm | 11"110mm0.9 Kg
50mmT1.940cm |1'4"110mm0.9 Kg
85mmT2.968cm |2'3"110mm1.2 Kg
100mmT3.691cm | 3'110mm1.2 Kg
135mmT3.9114cm|3'9"110mm1.4 Kg
200mmT4.1200cm|6'7"110mm2.1 Kg


  • PL Mount
  • Full Frame
  • Vintage look - low contrast with lots of flares
  • TLS rehoused

Hire a KOWA R FF Primes from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 19mm KOWA FF T4.1
  • 28mm KOWA FF T3.6
  • 35mm KOWA FF T2.9
  • 50mm KOWA FF T1.9
  • 85mm KOWA FF T2.9
  • 100mm KOWA FF T3.6
  • 135mm KOWA FF T3.9
  • 200mm KOWA FF T4.1

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