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RED V-Raptor 8k

RED V-Raptor 8k

Manufacturer RED


The RED V-Raptor offers an 8K full frame sensor in a very small and compact body. RED state it has the highest dynamic range of any RED camera before it and can shoot at very high frames rates for its resolution at 120fps in 8k (full frame) and 240fps in 4k.


  • 8k Full Frame Single Sensor
  • RF Mount (Kippertie PL and EF mounts with NDs available)
  • Cfast Express Cards
  • Records RED Raw in HQ, MQ and LQ
  • 4K/2K Prores 444XQ and 4444
  • High frame rate 120fps 8K FF, 240fps 4K S16
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Very small and compact body design, great for gimbal mounting

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