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Atomos Sumo 19″ 4K Monitor Recorder

Atomos Sumo 19″ 4K Monitor Recorder

Manufacturer Atomos


This Atomos recorder monitor has a 19" HD screen and can record up to 4K video or 6K RAW as well as accept 4 individual HD signals which can be displayed as quad split and individually recorded. This super brihght monitor can also accept log images and convert them to preview HDR images.


  • Recorder Monitor
  • 19" full 1920x1080 LCD display
  • Touch screen control
  • Record up to 4K in ProRes / DNx or up to 6K in ProRes RAW
  • Record 4 separate HD signals and display in split screen with live switch mixing
  • 1200nit super bright screen
  • Video assist including peaking, zebra, WFM etc.
  • Timecode jammable
  • SDI 12G in and out
  • HDMI in and out

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