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Panasonic GH5s

Panasonic GH5s

Manufacturer Panasonic


This mirrorless still camera has a 4K MFT sensor, high sensitivity ISO, Log gamma option and internal recording with 4K 4:2:2 10bit codecs


  • Micro Four Thirds MOS sensor
  • MFT lens mount (MFT to EF Metabones speedboost provided as standard)
  • 4K and HD internal recording
  • 4:2:2 10bit internal recording in MP4
  • Extremely sensitive in low light
  • Rec709 and Vlog gamma options
  • 4:3 sensor mode with de-squeeze for anamorphic operation
  • 4K HDMI output
  • Up to 240fps in HD and 60fps in 4K
  • SDXC Card
  • XLR adaptor available for audio recording

Hire a Panasonic GH5s from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x Panasonic GH5s
  • 1 x Metabones MFT to EF Speedboost mount adapter
  • 4 x batteries
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 2 x 64 GB SDXC cards
  • 1 x shoulder strap
  • 1 x mini HDMI to HDMI lead
  • 1 x Sony XLR-A1M adapter (optional extra)

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