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ARRI M18 HMI Light

ARRI M18 HMI Light

Manufacturer ARRI


The ARRI M18 HMI Light is a 1.8KW HMI daylight balanced head. The specially designed reflector gives a higher light output than a standard fresnel head with the same power.


  • Daylight colour balance
  • Ballast supports 50Hz, 75Hz and 1000Hz flicker free (for high-speed shooting)
  • Partially dimmable (down to approximately 50% power)
  • 110V / 240V self-switching

Hire an ARRI M18 HMI Light from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x M18 1.8KW HMI lamp head
  • 1 x set of barn doors
  • 1 x M18 HMI ballast
  • 1 x header cable
  • 1 x 16A extension lead
  • 1 x 13A to 16A jumper
  • 1 x spare 1.8KW HMI bubble
  • 1 x HMI stand
  • Set of scrims (full, half, split full & split half) (optional extra)
  • 1-stage or 2-stage HMI wind-up stand (optional extra)

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