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Matthews Finger and Dot Kit

Matthews Finger and Dot Kit

Manufacturer Matthews


This set of mini rectangle and circular flags, nets and diffusers are perfect for controlling light for small setups such as pack shots.


  • Mini flags, nets and diffusion
  • Rectangle and circular
  • Perfect for pack shots or small setups

Hire a Matthews Finger and Dot Kit from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Finger & Dot Pouch
  • 2x 3” Single Black Dot
  • 2x 3” Double Black Dot
  • 1x 3” Solid Black Dot
  • 1x 3” Artificial Silk Dot
  • 2x 6” Single Black Dot
  • 2x 6” Double Black Dot
  • 1x 6” Solid Black Dot
  • 1x 6” Artificial Silk Dot
  • 2x 12” Single Black Dot
  • 2x 12” Double Black Dot
  • 1x 12” Solid Black Dot
  • 1x 12” Artificial Silk Dot
  • 2x 2”x12” Single Black Finger
  • 2x 2”x12” Double Black Finger
  • 1x 2”x12” Solid Black Finger
  • 1x 2”x12” Artificial Silk Finger
  • 2x 4”x14” Single Black Finger
  • 2x 4”x14” Double Black Finger
  • 1x 4”x14” Solid Black Finger
  • 1x 4”x14” Artificial Silk Finger

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