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Dedolight Dedo Image Projector Kit

Dedolight Dedo Image Projector Kit

Manufacturer Dedolight


The Dedolight Dedo Image Projector Kit is a full imager kit that fits onto our entire range of Dedolight spotlights (100W/150W classic, LED & HMI Dedo). The kit includes a flagged projector for creating light beams with a specific narrow shape and a gobo projector for shining certain patterns onto scenery. It also includes a range of different projector lenses for adapting the size of the projection and for projecting over longer distances.


  • Projection Kit for Dedolight spotlights
  • Compatible with 100W/150W Dedolight classic spotlights
  • Compatible with 200W HMI Dedolight spotlights
  • Attachments for flagged beam and for gobos
  • Lenses for changing projection beam

Hire a Dedolight Dedo Image Projector Kit from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x DP2.1 flagged projectorattachment
  • 1 x DP1.1 gobo projector attachment
  • 1 x DPL85M 85mm f/2.8 projector lens
  • 1 x DPL60M 60mm f/2.4 wide angle projector lens
  • 1 x DPL150.1M 150mm f/2.2 projector lens
  • 1 x DPLZ120M 70-120mm f/3.5 zoom projector lens
  • 1 x filter holder
  • 1 x set DP eye diffusion filters
  • 1 x adjustable iris gobo
  • 4 x gobo holders

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