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Focusbug Cine RT Ultrasonic Distance Measure

Focusbug Cine RT Ultrasonic Distance Measure

Manufacturer Focusbug


The Focusbug Cine RT is an ultrasonic distance measurer with wireless accessories. The brain is built directly into the horns so is all that is needed to be mounted to the camera, which then talks wirelessly to the distance display and laser distance measure to create accurate marks for focus pulling.


  • Measure object distances with ultrasonic waves
  • Wireless design means display can be placed wherever convenient and keeps camera rig small
  • Includes laser distance measure that can reference distances give by the Cine RT
  • Focusbug device can be placed on actors for accurate readings through objects and crowds
  • Can send measurement data to lens control handsets

Hire a Focusbug Cine RT Ultrasonic Distance Measure from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Focusbug Cine RT base (horns)
  • 1x Focusbug Cine RT handset control unit
  • 1x Focusbug Cine RT high-bright LED display
  • 1x Focusbug ultrasonic bug transmitter
  • 1x Cine RT > 16Pin Lemo Power Cable
  • 1x Cine RT > 7Pin ARRI Fischer Cable
  • 1x Cine RT > Preston Serial Cable
  • 1x Cine RT RS Power Cable
  • 1x Cine RT D-Tap Power Cable
  • 1x Cine RT Lemo AC Power Adapter
  • 1x Noga Arm
  • 1x Spare Ariel
  • 1x Spare Block Attachment Screws
  • 1x USB Plug Adapter
  • 1x Mini USB Cable

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