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Insta360 ONE X2

Insta360 ONE X2

Manufacturer Insta360


This compact 2 lens 360 camera records a 5.7k image up to 30p. It has advanced image stabalisation and can shoot hyperlapse as well as 50fps in 4K or 100fps in 3K. The camera can also record the lenses indivdually to shoot a front and back shot at the same time. It's fully waterproof up to 10m.


  • 360 degree recording
  • 2x 7.2mm (35mm equivilent) lenses
  • 5.7k up to 30fps
  • 4k up to 50fps
  • 3k up to 100fps
  • Hyperlapse
  • Advanced image stabilisation
  • Record lenses seperately for 2 different directions at once
  • Full waterproof up to 10m

Hire an Insta360 ONE X2 from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Insta 360 Camera
  • 1x Pouch
  • 2x Internal Batteries
  • 1x Tripod Adaptor
  • 1x Extendable Arm
  • 2x Suction Mounts
  • 1x 1/4 to GoPro Adaptor
  • 2x Long Arms
  • 1x Short Arm
  • 1x Extra long curved arm
  • 1x Clip Mount
  • 1x Sticky clip mount bracket

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