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Chapman Super PeeWee Dolly III Plus

Chapman Super PeeWee Dolly III Plus

Manufacturer Chapman Leonard


The Pee Wee dolly has a hydraulic jib arm to perform high-precision track and jib moves which can be easily repeated. The dolly is supplied with various accessories to configure different camera mounting heights. The hydraulic pressure can be recharged either by hand pump or can recharge fully in 60 secs via mains.


  • High precision dolly with hydraulic jib arm
  • Perfect for precise repeatable moves
  • Feather controls and end stops for jib
  • Fully charge via mains in 60 secs, or manual pump
  • Incorporated Moy 4-way leveller
  • Operates on both straight and curved 24 1/2 tubular track or 880mm track
  • Wheel brackets collapse inwards to a compact size for easier transport
  • Carry weight 127kg
  • Max payload 113kg
  • Max camera mount height 151cm
  • Minimum camera mount height (low mode) 48cm

Chapman Leonard Pee Wee dollies have been the go-to equipment grips and operators use to achieve that ‘cinematic look’. Chapman Leonard are engineering masters, developing, and delivering quality tools for smooth and precise camera movements since the 1960’s. Ralph Chapman joined forces with his son, Leonard, merging two businesses to create a grip company synonymous with cinema filmmaking.

The PeeWee 3 is an updated version of the original Super PeeWee dolly and features several improvements, including a larger camera platform, a stronger frame, and improved brakes. It’s also equipped with an adjustable hydraulic arm that allows for greater control and flexibility in camera positioning and offers up to 4 lifts on one charge.

Filming with this pee wee dolly has many positives, including:

  • It has a hydraulic arm ideal for repetitive movement for shots that need to be reset.
  • It moves silently when running on tracks (both curved and straight).
  • It fits through a 16” doorway.
  • It’s ideal for location shooting with its off-road wheel additions.
  • It’s also compatible with a wide range of camera mounts and accessories, and it can be used with both standard cameras like the Alexa 35 or the Venice 2, and high-speed cameras like the Phantom VEO 4K.
  • Set-up is relatively easy and it has a compact, lightweight design.

Overall, the Chapman Super PeeWee 3 plus is a high-quality and versatile camera dolly that’s used across the board in the film and television industry for a wide range of cinematic applications.


*FYI ‘PeeWee’ and the ‘pee wee’ are the same piece of kit (Chapman has trademarked the word PeeWee but in the past, it’s typically written as two words. So, to PeeWee or not to pee wee? Frankly my dear, there is no question. 

Hire a Chapman Super PeeWee Dolly III Plus from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Chapman Leonard Super Pee Wee Dolly III Plus
  • 1x 4way Leveller
  • 1x Up/Down Post
  • 1x Steering Post
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 6x Dolly Markers
  • 8x Standard Wheels
  • 2x Seats
  • 2x Seat Risers
  • 1x Seat Offset
  • 1x Universal Low Plate
  • 1x 16" Tongue
  • 1x 24" Tongue
  • 1x Nut Bolt w/ 2x Washers
  • 1x Wide Sideboard
  • 1x Narrow Sideboard
  • 1x Standing Platform
  • 1x 5" Riser
  • 1x 12" Riser

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