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Syrp Genie II Linear Drive

Syrp Genie II Linear Drive

Manufacturer Syrp


Motorised slider unit designed to work with between any slider and tripod head/camera. Can be controlled on device or through Genie II app for pre-programmed precise movements including working together with Genie II Pan Tilt unit. Timelapse interface for Canon DSLR and Sony a7s.


  • Motion control unit for smooth sliding
  • Universal connection for any slider with 3/8” or ¼” Screw Thread
  • Timelapse or video programmed movements
  • Programmed movements through Genie II app
  • Timelapse cables for Canon professional DSLRs and Sony a7s
  • 7.5kg maximum horizontal payload
  • 2.5kg maximum vertical payload
  • Compatible with Genie II Pan Tilt for 3-axis motion control
  • Comes as part of Syrp Genie II Package [Link]

Hire a Syrp Genie II Linear Drive from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Syrp Genie II Linear
  • 2x Genie II Batteries
  • 1x Syrp Magic Carpet Medium Slider Kit (optional)
  • 1x Manfrotto HDV 503 Tripod Head (optional)

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