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Angenieux EZ1 30-90mm / 45-135mm T2 / T3 Zoom

Angenieux EZ1 30-90mm / 45-135mm T2 / T3 Zoom

Manufacturer Angenieux


The Angenieux EZ1 PL zoom lens has an interchangeable back element that allows it to swap between Full Frame and S35 coverage. The respective focal lengths give relatively the same field of view between formats and the lens offers similar characteristics to other zooms from Angenieux.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
30-90mmT260cm | 2'114mm2.05 Kg
45-135mmT360cm | 2'114mm2.15 Kg


  • Interchangeable FF and S35 coverage (46 / 30mm coverage) **Coverage type must be changed in house and pre decided for hire
  • PL Mount
  • Mid to long angle focal lengths
  • Warm pleasant detail rendition similar to other Angeniuex lenses

Useful Information

The Angénieux Type EZ 1 for FF/VistaVision and S35 format is a standard zoom lens with a zoom factor of 3x. Its focal range and aperture are set to 45-135mm F2.8/T3 for the FF/VV covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal and 30-90mm F1.9/T2 for the S35 covering an image up to 30mm. By exchanging the rear lens group, the lens  can be switched from FF/VV to S35 and from S35 to FF/VV

Main Features

  • 45-135mm T3 / f2.8, image coverage up to 46mm diagonal for FF /VV and 30-90mm T2 / f1.9, image coverage up to 30mm diagonal for S35
  • Extremely fast T2 across zoom range with no ramping
  • Lightweight (2,150g / 4.7 pounds)
  • Internal focusing & zooming, lens size remains constant throughout zooming & focusing range.
  • Traditional angenieux look, colorimetry matches those of OPTIMO & OPTIMO STYLE series.
  • Short MOD 0.6m / 2 feet
  • In-lens thermal compensation, significantly reduces temperature drift.
  • Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 300 degrees
  • Luminescent FTZ markings, easy reading in dark
  • Available with PL lens mount, easy conversion to EF or E mount by users
  • Front diameter 114mm, matte boxes compatible with those used on OPTIMO & OPTIMO STYLE compact zooms
  • Detachable ENG style zoom grip available from MOVCAM

Alternative Angenieux EZ Lens

Angenieux EZ2 15-40mm / 22-60mm – T2 / 3 Zoom

For more information on this EZ lens please visit Angenieux’s website

To hire Angenieux EZ1 please contact info@shift-4.com

Hire an Angenieux EZ1 30-90mm / 45-135mm T2 / T3 Zoom from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Angeniuex EZ1 S35 30-90mm T2 PL Zoom
  • OR
  • 1x Angenieux EZ1 FF 45-135mm T3 PL Zoom

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