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Canon CN-E EF Mount Prime Lenses

Canon CN-E EF Mount Prime Lenses

Manufacturer Canon


This set of Canon CN-E EF Primes comprises 6 lenses ranging from 14mm to 135mm with speeds ranging from T1.3 to T3.1 for achieving shallow depth of field covering a full 35mm frame. Their EF mount means these lenses fit on a very wide range of cameras and can communicate lens metadata.

Focal Length ApertureClose focusFront DiameterWeight
14mmT3.120cm | 8"114mm1.2 Kg
24mmT1.531cm | 1'114mm1.2 Kg
35mmT1.531cm | 1'114mm1.1 Kg
50mmT1.346cm | 1'5"114mm1.1 Kg
85mmT1.398cm | 3'2"114mm1.3 Kg
135mmT2.2104cm | 3'4114mm1.4 Kg


  • EF Mount

Hire a Canon CN-E EF Mount Prime Lenses from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 14mm CN-E Prime
  • 24mm CN-E Prime
  • 35mm CN-E Prime
  • 50mm CN-E Prime
  • 85mm CN-E Prime
  • 135mm CN-E Prime

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