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Freefly MoVI Pro

Freefly MoVI Pro

Manufacturer Freefly


The Freefly MoVI Pro is a gimbal with strong gears and an integrated control panel. It's dual batteries provide longer operation time as well as power for the camera itself. The MIMIC controller allows long range bidirectional control of MoVI pointing, settings, camera controls and real time telemetry.


  • 3 axis stabiliser gimbal (pan, tilt and roll)
  • Operation modes include majestic panning
  • Integrated control panel for operation and calibration
  • Separate operation from the MIMIC controller
  • MIMIC can be mounted on bars or a tripod - MoVI Pro will copy the MIMIC's movement
  • App available for extended setting options
  • Dual battery system for continuous operation with hot swapping
  • Dual batteries also power camera and all accessories
  • Roll cage design includes feet
  • 3 x 12v D Tap power outputs
  • Maximum payload: 6.8kg
  • Camera cage dimensions: 196 x 200 x 175mm

Hire a Freefly MoVI Pro from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1 x Freefly MoVI Pro gimbal
  • 1 x roll cage
  • 1 x lightweight handle bar
  • 1 x MIMIC controller
  • 1 x MIMIC handle bar
  • 1 x camera mounting plate
  • 3 x 15mm rails (various lengths)
  • 1 x roll cage accessories clamp
  • 1 x handle bar accessories clamp
  • 6 x MoVI Pro batteries
  • 3 x battery chargers

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