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Sony A7S I/II/III Aqua Housing

Sony A7S I/II/III Aqua Housing

Manufacturer EWA Marine


This small splash bag can fit any model of A7S into it with a stills style lens. It seals at the top with screws so can be submerged to just under the water line if sealed properly. The bag has a flat round glass and screw in donuts to wedge the lens for clear field of view for the lens.


  • Splahs bag for A7S I / II / III
  • Can submerge just under waterline if sealed properly
  • Donuts can screw into stills lenses to wedge into clear glass
  • Only fits camera and stills lens with no accessories

Hire a Sony A7S I/II/III Aqua Housing from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Sony A7S I / II / III Aqua Housing

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