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Hawk-woods VL-B5 V-lok Battery Belt

Hawk-woods VL-B5 V-lok Battery Belt

Manufacturer Hawk-woods


This battery belt allows the use of 2 V-Lok batteries wired in parallel to power a camera via 12v power, this means using 2 150wh batteries will supply the camera with 300wh power. Taking the battery weight off the camera allows for lighter weight setups on the shoulder or in the hand.


  • 2 x V-Lok plates on a leather belt
  • Wired in parallel to combine battery watt hours
  • Delivers 12v power
  • 1 x Dtap power on each V-Lok plate

Hire a Hawk-woods VL-B5 V-lok Battery Belt from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • 1x Hawk-Woods VL-B5 battery belt
  • 2x 4pin 12v XLR leads

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