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Canon HJ22ex 7.6B ENG Zoom

Canon HJ22ex 7.6B ENG Zoom

Manufacturer Canon


This B4 mounted lens is designed for 2/3” sensor cameras and is perfect for ENG style shooting, with large zoom range, wide aperture, 2x extender, macro and servo on zoom and focus.


  • B4 mount
  • T1.9
  • Long zoom range (7.5-165mm)
  • 2x extender
  • Macro function
  • Built on servo
  • Focus demand compatible

Hire a Canon HJ22ex 7.6B ENG Zoom from us and you’ll find the following included:

  • HJ22ex 7.5B IRSE/IASE A
  • Lens hood
  • Canon Digital Zoom Demand (optional)

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