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TriCaster Mobile Production Unit

Shift 4’s TriCaster Mobile Production Unit is an all-in-one, integrated, live multi-camera production and broadcast/streaming/publishing system built in response to increasing demands for video content to be captured then delivered to viewers wherever and whenever they watch.

  • Compact and cost-effective multi-camera facilities to rival and better the capabilities of traditional studios and OBs.
  • Compatible with any cameras, from studio models to any type of camcorder including robotic hot heads and minicams.
  • Offers 8 M/E, 24 channel switching with audio mixer, titles, warping transitions, buffers and DSK and DVE effects.
  • Incorporates sweeping advancements in switching, mixing, recording, playback, automation, scan conversation, still-store, CG, virtual set, visual design, encoding power and more.
  • Provides high capacity media storage, post production workflow compatibility and multi-track ISO recording and includes an in-built edit facility.
  • Produces vision mixed output to be broadcast, streamed, published, projected or recorded.

Alongside any hire of the TriCaster Mobile Production Unit comes Shift 4’s tailor-made service, individual to each project and in response to evolving creative briefs. We provide full technical management including recceing, rigging and production itself, plus all necessary equipment and crew if required.

Shift 4 is knowledgeable, flexible and reliable. Our TriCaster Mobile Production Unit is perfect for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and post requirements. It’s proven to deliver even the most ambitious of strategies for video, communication and social media content creation.

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